Create a Mobile Office: Work From Anywhere

Create a Mobile Office: Work From Anywhere

Take Work On The Go
With A Mobile Office

When you have an online business, one of the perks is that you can work at any time, in any place. This means you can work from your bed, in a co-working space, visiting your family or on a plane to Europe. 

Having an office that is portable with everything you need to do business is key. You need to do all your business operations without the hassle and as efficiently as you would at home. 

A mobile office promises portable gadgets that will make any space you choose to feel like an office. Mobile offices are lightweight and can be compacted for easy portability. 

Here is how to have a mobile office for your online business. There is the minimalist approach and then the carefully selected additions to make your comfort a little better.

The Minimalist Approach 

Essentially all you need to work online is a laptop and charger. Just two items and you are in business. Oh, and some WiFi of course.

If you need certain equipment for your business, try to center your travels around computer work if necessary. Do “equipment work” before and after you get back. 

Keeping things minimal will reduce the load you have to carry and worry about. It reduces the chance of things getting lost and you can carry fewer items with you without additional luggage.

Too many items cause distractions. Procrastination happens as you take the time “to set up the office just right” before working. 

You want something you can whip out in 30 seconds and be on your way to whipping out work. 

You want to be productive and get your work out of the way so you can go live in the present. If you’re using a mobile office, then you must be somewhere cool or with family. You need to go enjoy it! 

So cut to the chase, only carry what is necessary and get to work. While you’re at it, ditch the paper. Not only does it take up space, but it can be a drag when you lose an important document in your travels.

Adding Additions 

If the basics are too basic for you and you need a more ergonomic workspace that can adapt to any situation you’re in, check out these options. 

Bringing a wireless keyboard and mouse and help set your laptop up with a desktop feel. A laptop stand can help position and angle your laptop to be comfortable in any working space. 

There are also stands, like the Roost Stand, that can be stretched to create a standing desk wherever you are. 

While traveling, you may find it hard to find a quiet space to work. That’s why a good pair of earphones can help cancel out some noise. 

If you’re a paper person (and if you are, I encourage you to try different methods for the sake of the environment), then adding a notebook and pen for your planner/todo list will be essential. 

You may have trouble finding WiFi all the time, so it’s a good idea to invest in a hotspot as needed. 

You may also need to bring some equipment that is related to your business. If you do photography or videography, you may need to bring camera equipment.

Choose the bare essentials that you need to do the job.

Little things that you may need might be:

  • A car adapter to keep computers charged.
  • Card readers.
  • Additional batteries for cameras.
  • A hard drive if you’re not using a cloud-based service.

Additionally, should we count your smartphone as part of your mobile office? You can do a lot of work just by your phone such as email, social media, reading, writing, etc. You may need that occasional phone call. 

Your phone is probably part of your body now anyways, so don’t forget to bring a charger and a charging block!

Other than that, evaluate any items you want to add because you don’t want to carry around too much stuff. You want to be mobile not dragged down. 

Making Sure it All Fits 

After figuring out what your mobile office will look like, it time to figure out how to move it with ease. 

Digital nomads like to have everything fit inside a book bag. Other people choose a computer bag or a bin. I recommend the book bag or computer bag approach. You can easily carry it, it will be harder to lose if it’s strapped to your back and it will limit you from going overboard.

Remember this is a MOBILE office for your VIRTUAL business. Leave the binders and decorations and sticky notes at home unless they are essential for your productivity. 

By all means necessary, try to find digital solutions to your office. If you use post-its for your todo list, try to find a digital app that will help you just the same.


Here is some inspiration for mobile offices. Click the pictures to see the details.

Post image

Work From Anywhere 

As you’re bouncing about with your mobile office, remember a few things. 

Less is best. The less stuff you have to lug around or keep track of the better. 

Keep your work groove. Keep up the same work schedule you made for yourself with little adjustments. It’s okay to do some half days to squeeze in more beach or family time. But just because you can work wherever you want does not mean you can take all travel opportunity as a work-free vacation. 

You still need to work on your business so you can keep your freedoms! 

Find the quiet corners. coming out of your element and trying to work in public or rowdy spaces is going to be a challenge. So plan on where you’re going to work or scope out the place and tell everyone not to bother you. 

Stay productive, get work out of the way so you can enjoy life.

Mobile offices are fun and allow you to bring your business with you wherever you go!

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